Executive Summary

An early-stage diagnostic company developing patented thermal contrast technology for analytes with the ability to increase the sensitivity of current lateral flow testing by 10 to 30 times. This technology will also provide the ability to quantify the analyte in the sample. The company’s Thermal Contrast Amplification (TCA) technology is designed as a platform that can be used to process a variety of existing Lateral Flow Assay (LFA) products and eventually become a system with its own proprietary LFAs .  This technology will have applications in both the first world for infectious diseases, e.g. Flu, Lyme, Cryptococcus, and Listeria and for developing countries in aiding in the effort to eradicate diseases, e.g. Malaria, HIV, TB, Dengue Fever.  The TCA reader can be used in hospital labs, point of care settings or in field settings.  The applications for this technology are broad including infectious diseases, food safety, biomarkers and environmental chemicals.

World Wide Patent
• Thermal Contrast Assay and Reader:  PCT/US2013/023839 & WO2013116333A2. 

Scientific and Clinical Papers
•  Technology:  Qin, Z, Chan, WCW, Boulware, DR, Akkin, T, Butler, E, and Bischof, JC.  Thermal Contrast of Lateral Flow Immunoassays Significantly Improves Analytical Sensitivity.  Angewandte Chemie 51(18): 4358–4361, 2012.

•  Clinical Example:  Boulware DR, Rolfes MA, Rajasingham R, von Hohenberg M, Qin Z,  Taseera K, Schutz C, Kwizera R, Butler EK, Meintjes G, Muzoora C, Bischof JC, Meya DB.  Multisite Validation of Point-of-Care Cryptococcal Antigen Lateral Flow Assay and Novel  Quantification by Laser Thermal Contrast Measurement.  Experimental Infectious Diseases 20 (1), 45 (2014)